TMJ, Headache & Neck Pain

The Importance of Treatment for TMJ, Headaches & Neck Pain

  • TMJ and neck screening: Evaluation of your joints to determine the cause of your clicking, jaw pain, headaches and neck pain.TMJ service page pic
  • Specialized manual therapy: To restore full range of motion, proper joint mechanics and decrease pain of the jaw, neck and upper back.
  • Soft tissue massage: We will perform and teach you these techniques so that you can decrease your facial swelling and pain.
  • Education: We will educate you on what to do to help yourself decrease chronic headache and jawpain through exercises and postural corrections.
  • Postural screening: We will teach you what ideal posture is so that you experience less pressure in the jaw, face, neck and shoulders.
  • Facial exercises: These exercises will decrease the tension in your face, head and neck.
  • Breathing exercises: To restore proper diaphragmatic breathing patterns.
  • Conclusion: We believe that physical therapy screening and treatment are critical for patients with chronic headaches and/or TMJ disorders to ensure proper posture and mechanics of the jaw, neck and upper back.

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