Lymphedema & Post-Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Experienced Rehabilitation Oncology Specialists at PTR offer a comprehensive treatment program for post-breast cancer patients. Using the most current techniques, we are able to effectively treat functional and physical limitations most commonly found after undergoing cancer treatment and surgical reconstruction.

Adriana breast cancer patient
At PTR we understand how difficult it is to manage the effects of cancer. We have the knowledge to help you navigate the recovery of your functional abilities! We can help with the successful recovery of painful and uncomfortable movement restrictions post-radiation and post-reconstructive surgery.

  • Post-Surgical Edema: Lymphedema therapists are trained to recognize, assess and treat any type of edema with specialized techniques to enhance the lymphatic system including Manuel Lymphatic Drainage.
  • Functional Limitations and Range Of Motion Restrictions: Fear of moving is common after surgery. We will develop appropriate individualized treatment programs that combine orthopedic, manual and neuromuscular techniques to decrease pain and edema and increase ROM.
  • Complications: Fibrotic-scar tissue and axillary web syndrome are some of the complications post-radiation, and post-surgery. With an integrative approach of the lymphatic, musculoskeletal and neurovascular systems, we help to overcome the effects of cancer and ensure the best possible functional outcome.

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