Breathing Training: Specializing in the Myofunctional Buteyko Breathing Method and the Laynee Restorative Breathing Method

The Hobson Institute breathing method is a simple, safe and scientifically proven method that transforms your breathing. It consists of a series of a combination of myofunctional therapy and Buteyko breathing exercises which are designed to encourage proper breathing habits. At Hobson Institute-Physical Therapy Renaissance, we offer breathing clinics that combine myofunctional therapy, Buteyko breathing method and the Restorative Breathing method by Dr. Lois Laynee for both adults and children. During these clinics our certified practitioners will work with you to improve any or all symptoms and illnesses related to over-breathing—helping you live better and breathe easier.

If practiced diligently, the Hobson Institute breathing method reduces rhinitis, snoring and asthma symptoms—diminishing and/or eliminating the need for medication. By joining our breathing clinic, you’ll be returning your body to a healthier state of life through a holistic and drug-free approach that works.

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What you will learn:

The breathing techniques of the myofunctional Buteyko breathing method will teach you how to correctly breathe through the natural defense of your lungs: your nose. Through this practice you will learn how to:

  • Stop coughing and wheezing
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Unblock your nose and relieve constipation using breath hold exercises
  • Reduce over-breathing with varying approaches
  • Correctly breathe during physical exercise
  • Develop correct breathing habits
  • Eliminate snoring, poor sleep and chronic fatigue

For more information on the myofunctional Buteyko breathing method and symptoms related to over-breathing, visit these pages:

The background of the myofunctional Buteyko breathing method:

In 1952, Konstantin Buteyko recognized that people often consume five to 10 times more air than their body requires. This extensive amount of air creates an insufficiency of carbon dioxide in the lungs and bloodstream, which can result in the dysfunction of metabolism and the immune system.

A deficiency of carbon dioxide also impacts respiratory gas exchange, diminishing the amount of oxygen the blood carries to the brain, heart and kidneys. As a result, rhinitis, asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, cardiac problems and growth of polyps may develop.

After life-long research, Dr. Buteyko concluded that hyperventilation and incorrect breathing is a root cause in about 100 known diseases. This led to one of the most profound discoveries in the history of medicine and resulted in a natural cure to many common breathing-related ailments.

Dr. Hobson is also including in the breathing clinics, the Laynee Restorative Breathing Method which resynchronizes the cranial nerve system to improve its function and calm down the Sympathetic (fight or flight system) that we tend to be “stuck” in.  This method has been instrumental in restoring all the cranial nerve functions of the body which are the automatic functions such as vision, breathing, swallowing and all the organ functions as well.  Adding this to the breathing clinic has been a revolutionary effect on our patient’s health and quality of life.

Join our clinics:

Dr. Hobson is an oral myofunctional therapist who has combined her knowledge of myofunctional therapy with the concepts of proper breathing mechanics. You are invited to learn from one of the few head and neck/ TMJ experts about how proper breathing will change your life and health for the better. If you are interested in registering or hosting your own personal group for Dr. Hobson’s breathing clinic, email

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