Head and neck Pre & Post-surgical Treatment

Pre- and post-op treatment for cranio-facial surgery, jaw reconstruction, oncology and cosmetic plastic surgery will accelerate the healing process and result in a speedy post-surgical recovery.Pre Post-Op Physical Therapy Treatment

  • Lymphedema drainage massage to increase circulation. This specialized, extremely light technique, will allow the layers of healing tissue to align themselves in the optimal manner to reduce thickening and scarring under the skin.
  • Ultra-sound will be used to increase circulation. This modality is essential in gingerly warming the layers of muscle tissue under the skin during the healing process to allow more oxygenated blood to flush the healing tissue.
  • Light laser treatment will minimize post-surgical swelling. This very safe modality reaches the healing tissue at a cellular level and helps to eliminate the toxins to be released in the lymphatic system.
  • Posture and surrounding joint mechanics are examined for any limitations. Specialized manual therapy, often to the neck, jaw and shoulders help promote proper posture and alignment for an optimal look. This also restores comfort when speaking and chewing.
  • Simple exercises for the face and neck to regain muscular strength and range of motion after surgery.
  • Breathing training and re-education is a part of this therapy to ensure nasal breathing and diaphragmatic breathing which can be effected immediately after surgery.
  • Return to your normal activities and even start exercising in a shorter period of time.

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