Company History

The name Physical Therapy Renaissance (PTR), founded in 2005 by Dr. Jennifer Flage Hobson, symbolizes the renewing, renovating, repairing and restoring aspects of our constant evolution and transformation in treating patients. Dr. Hobson and her staff have continued to develop innovative treatments that keep PTR on the cutting edge of physical therapy. As a leading specialist of head, neck, and TMJ therapy, PTR is evolving into other methods such as Myofunctional Therapy, Buteyko Breathing Method, Laynee Restorative Breathing Method, Postural Restoration, Stecco Facial Manipulation Method, Post cancer treatment, Lymphedema Treatment, and Vestibular Therapy. These therapies are applied to both children and adults.

Dr. Rocabado and Dr. Hobson

Dr. Hobson continues to train with Dr. Mariano Rocabado, one of the top specialists in the field of treatment to the head, neck, and TMJ disorders. Dr. Rocabado’s practice is located in Santiago, Chile, where Dr. Hobson has been working with him for many years. She now teaches with Dr. Rocabado through the University of St. Augustine, Florida, and offers courses on his innovative methods.

Dry needling has been a part of our specialties since 2010 and Dr. Hobson has been instrumental in introducing this technique to the state of Illinois.  She actually went to the Department of Professional Regulation in 2010 and presented the research that prompted the state to accept and include the technique as part of the scope of practice in Physical Therapy for IL.   We are proud to be one of the first and oldest clinics performing this technique.  Dry needling has been an integral part of getting patients to relax their muscles around their head, neck, shoulder girdle, ribcage and spine.  This powerful technique removes toxins and inflammatory chemicals in the muscle that weaken our bodies and pull us our of alignment.  If you haven’t tried it and have chronic pain, it is highly recommended.

PTR has added a Vestibular therapy specialty that addresses problems related to vertigo, dizziness, and tinnitus. The physical therapists certified in Vestibular disorders, design a customized protocol for each patient according to their needs.

Breast cancer post-surgical treatment is another very specialized therapy provided by PTR.  The physical therapists certified in lymphedema treatment can address swelling and edema of the body from some cancer surgeries, as well as other problems of lymphedema-related swelling throughout the body.

Dr. Hobson and staff also entered the world of Myofunctional therapy for children and adults, designed to restore the proper function of the mouth, tongue and throat. Widely proven to assist with issues related to sleep apnea, TMJ, headache, and neck pain, it is a welcomed addition to PTR’s already developed head, neck, and TMJ disorder specialties.

As Dr. Hobson developed her skills in Myofunctional therapy, she was introduced to a new and exciting method of treatment developed in Russia called Buteyko breathing method. She now incorporates this method in her therapy as well.  Buteyko is a proven method that improves the symptoms of asthma, anxiety, sleep difficulty, circulation, digestive problems, TMJ, neck pain, and many other issues.

Over the years, Physical Therapy Renaissance has evolved into a distinct and exceptional practice. It is a highly advanced, specialized and motivated facility continually striving to find the most innovative ways of treatment with positive results that promote patients to re-enter the world and enjoy their life feeling healthy and happy.